Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Emma had all kinds of fun yesterday when we cooked out for Memorial day. We had hamburgers and the kids squirted each other with water guns, and did side walk chalk drawings. All was good until Dad was chasing them with water guns, turned around and Ella was right behind him and he fell over her, trying not to knock her down, he really hurt himself. He has a good gash on his knee. He pulled a hunk of concrete out of it (I told them no running on the sidewalk!) Its pretty sore but I think he will be ok. Anyway above are pictures of Emma, I took the chair straps off of her chest so you could see her shirt, she was still buckled in at the waist and her lateral (black things on either side of her) held her in just fine. Not a safe way to travel far, but fine for pictures.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Toothfairy is coming!/EDIT

Recently we noticed that Emma's teeth were loose, I usually use a toothbrush when doing her teeth and hadn't noticed,(bad Mommy) but was using gauze and it was like they were half way out they were so loose. Well today I was gauzing them and out popped one . I figured the others had to come out and would in the next few days so I went ahead and wiggled them out too. They were all so loose it took less than 1 min total and maybe 2 or 3 slight wiggles each and they fell out. All 5 of her baby teeth she had are gone.

Now I shouldnt be proud her teeth were knocked out due to her toungue pushing them (she doesnt shut her mouth good, tounge protruds) but i am proud, she didn't flench once, I thought if she did or cried or her pulse ox went up even 2 points on her heart rate I would stop. Nope. She did good and my big girl gets to get lots and lots of money from the tooth fairy.

She will go to the dentist hopefully this week, they were trying to get her in anyway, finding someone who took medicad and could see her some time other than 4 months from now! Now we have en excuse to get in sooner. I knew I had to get those enamel knocked ones out since it is memorial day tomorrow no way would we get to be seen.

Here is a pic of her teeth. Keep in mind at 3 you should still have teeth and the roots don't shorten like they do say in a 6 year old who's teeth are naturally loose that way, hers are baby baby teeth and would not have been ready to come out if it weren't for that pesky toungue. I can't believe she was in no pain, I am wondering if perhaps the nerves/roots died a long time ago or something? Her gums are swollen from her phenobarbital too so maybe that is part of it?

Update--Emma got 5 golden dollars and a beautiful note from the tooth fairy. She isn't sure what she will do with her money, maybe save it.

May 25, 2008

Emma is doing wonderfully. She is taking a nap so she will be ready to watch some Nascar with me later. :-) Tomorrow we are having a cook out for Memorial day and playing all kinds of fun stuff outside for the kids. We bought a horse shoe set, some sidewalk chalk, and water guns. I will have to help Emma with her horseshoes but I bet we can toss them together.

Last week Emma did something she has never done before. She went to walmart! Yep 3.5 years I managed to keep her out of walmart and finally broke down and took her. We used to keep her from big crowds due to fear of her getting sick but I am since made the choice to get her out some, and let her live life. What kind of life would she have if I kept her locked away for ever? Not that we were litearlly not taking her out at all, but we were probably more cautious then need be. That said, come flu and cold season she is NOT going out, I am willing to be that risky. She slept through most of walmart. Not very impressive for her. Since her Daddy works there now we got to show her and brother and sister off. Then we went to eat at Long John Silvers. Above are some pics from the day. The last one is her in bed, after I tucked her in. I gave her bozo hair. She didn't much care for that and yelled at me. Cute picture though.

Happy Memorial day everyone. Don't forget to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom, and pray for those who are still fighting for us today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eye appointment went A-OK

Emma went to the eye dr on Thursday. No big news to share. We went to find out what we could do about Emma's crusty, icky , gunky eyes. She does blink, but not as good as she should. Well, the eye ointment we have to use to keep her eyes from drying (any eye ointment for that matter) holds bacteria close to her eyes so she tends to get eye infections easily. He gave us a prescription for some eye antibiotics to use as I see fit when her eys flare up. Told me to wash her eyes with baby shampoo, which I kind of already knew to do. He was see us in 3 months to see if anything changes with the new cleaning/ointment routine. He did say her optic nerve and pupils look great, so she is seeing , which we already knew but its nice to have confirmation of that.

We finished early so while waiting on our ride we went to the farm supply store and shopped. We saw baby chicks and ducks, and shopped for boots but didnt find any we liked that well. I am not even sure I could get Emma's fat little flintstone feet in boots, but did find some for our brother though, will have to have him try them on first. Above are some pictures I took while out. The lollipop came from the doctors, then we saw some John Deere stuff, a saddle Emma likes for her imaginary horse, and some cowgirl boots, and don't forget we had to carry our Homer Simpson doll with us in honor of Emma's boyfriend Daniel who is her angel now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PT and grocery shopping

Emma went to PT today, after really long break of not going thanks to waiting on insurance approval to go back this year. She did ok, we spent most of the day trying to figure out what to do with her hips. They are terrible. I can barely get her in a bathtub anymore and you have to turn sideways to go through a door. Her therapist Amy said she was pretty sure they are sliding in and out of the socket when we move them. It doesn't seem to hurt Emma, she yelled a little bit but I was shocked not to get the response I thought I would out her over something like that.

So braces for her hips and possibly surgery are in store. We have to see a dr then another one most likely first. I am ok with the surgery idea, I hate to see her go through that and then be casted but I really want to get her legs fixed. I would hate to do 6 months of braces, with no results and then end up doing sugery anyway. I know that lots of kids hate their braces, I know that her boyfriend Homer hated his.

If surgery is an option I might just push for it soon. It would be nice to get it done in the summer so Derek and Ella could stay at family's house and I could spend all the time with Emma while in the hospital, and Darren wouldn't miss work. We are wanting to get Emma in school in the fall too so I want to get it over with and let her start school. But we do have to wait to get into the drs and those of you who go to alot of drs know that might take a while. We will see. Nothing is 100% for sure about surgery, we just threw that idea around. We won't know anything until we see the dr. All the thearpists are at a loss on what to do with her hips, Poor Amy has tried everything she can think of at this point.

Emma had fun grocery shopping with us yesterday. She has been shopping with us before of course, but this time I took pics because it made MY shopping trip more fun. I hate shopping. Emma did not like the meat section, it was too cold. She liked the candy aisle and the soda aisle. Hmm wonder if I could get M and M's down her mickey button? I know I could get the soda down. LOL

Monday, May 05, 2008

Missing Daniel

Daniel 6:21
Daniel answered, "O king, live forever! My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight. Nor have I ever done any wrong before you, O king."

My little friend Daniel is in heaven now, and I keep thinking of that lion's den. Life kind of threw little Daniel in a "lions den" of sorts, a world where he would endure pain and sickness among the happiness in his life. But he never wronged the Lord, he and his family had faith that remained strong and God sent his angels to shut the mouths of the lions and keep him safe. He took him to Heaven so he would not endure hardships like that any more. He is safe, happy, healthy and running up in heaven.

I will forever miss that boy. He was a blessing in my life. He will be with me always.

His parents are hanging in there. They are so much stronger than I could ever be. Pray they continue to draw strength from their faith in the lonely days ahead.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Park trip

Emma went shopping at cvs today and also to the park. Derek went along with her, and Mommy. I put her in the baby swing which was easy, I still had to really support her back so she didnt swing good but it made great pics. Enjoy the pics, they will be the last swing ones. It took me 10 mins to get her OUT of the swing. I was starting to get worried. Thankfully her Bubba helped us out. She had lots of fun and got some new glasses today. Her old sunglasses were getting too small and not very comfy so I got her tinted swimming goggles. They have a strap, and soft squishy rubber around the eyes for comfort. They aren't that dark but I like that, her old ones were so dark we could not tell if she was awake or asleep. The main thing is they will keep wind and dirt of her eyes and provide some UV protection. Emma made sure to take her Homer doll to the park, so she could show everyone how even though her boyfriend "Homer" Daniel is an angel now his life still goes in her heart.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

For Daniel...


I wrote this on the plane coming home last night from Emma's boyfriends funeral. I really wanted to share it with everyone, since when they asked at his funeral for people to say a few words, I was upset and not prepared and I don't feel like what I said there was enough for him. So I wrote him a letter.... (BTW Sorry its long and probably full of typos, I am tired)

My dearest Homer,

When I found out you were gone all I could think of was your poor Mommy and Daddy and how terrible they must be feeling. I had a strong urge to get by your Mommy's side as quickly as I could and be there for her and your Daddy.

Things worked out and I got on a plane. All the way to Michigan I didn't know if I should be sad about you, or excited because I was finally going to get to see your handsome face. I knew your spirit was gone, but for some reason I had the overwhelming need to see the perfect body that held you for six and half years. Perfect is what you were, despite your limitations. Perfect on the inside and the outside.

I got the the funeral home and peaked through the crowd and saw you laying in your casket. I started crying very hard. I was rushed with emotions, but mainly guilt. Guilt that the first time I was seeing you was in your casket and not at home watching simpsons or listening to your music. For that I will forever be sorry.

Just then I saw your Mommy. The amazing woman who brought you into this world and loved you so deeply. We hugged and cried and laughed. She said "You are so beautiful" to me but I thought she was crazy. She is the beautiful one not me.

I walked over to get a closer look at the boy who has held Emma's heart and mine for so long. At first I smiled, your Mommy is right you do look a lot like Emma and that warmed my heart. Then I cried, because you were, just like in your pictures, the most handsome boy I have ever seen. Your trach was still in, even if you don't need it where you are now. Your hair was spiked up front, just like your Daddy likes. I remember whispering I love you and I kissed you right between the eyebrows. That was the first spot I kissed all my kids, and you my dear son in law are no exception. I sang you are my sunshine softly into your little ear, kissed your head, heart, hands and eyes. The eyes I heard stories about you "talking" with. The eyes I never got to look into in person and see your soul. But I have felt you, and seen those eyes in pictures so much that I felt as if you spoke to me all along. I kept my promise and pinched those fat cheeks just like I said I would when I first met you, I just wish you had been here to smile inside when I did it.

Your funeral was perfect just like you. Your buddy Jay had us all smiling with his heartfelt speech. Your mommy and daddy spoke and touched all of us. Daddy wrote a beautiful song for you. and Great Aunt Katy and Uncle Ron sang as beautiful as the angels. Ucnle David said a poem, and we knew he loved you so much. Uncle Billy had a letter that was read, I never knew you changed hs life the way you did. said I a little something nothing planned but from my heart. It didn't begin to cover how I feel about you. So here I am on a plane looking out the window and seeing heavens clouds hoping I might get a short glimpse of of you flying by, running and playing in Heaven.

To meet your family was a blessing. To watch the love your Mommy and Daddy have for you, warmed my heart. Your daddy showed me all your tickle spots and kissy spots. Every time he kissed your little body I couldn't help but smile and cry all at the same time. He so loved his boy and always will. I saw what an amazing Mommy you have, when she brought me over and introduced you to me, and fixed your hair and straightened your clothes. You brought me them to my life Homer, and for that I will be forever grateful.

All the service was very nice, yet in the back of my mind, way back there I kept thinking I wish people would hurry up so I could go back up there and kiss you. Then when it was over, I suddenly wished someone else would get up and talk or one more song would play so I didn't have to say goodbye.

My legs could barely carry me as I walked to pay my respects. I know I will see you in Heaven again some day so I didn't say goodbye. I said what any cool 6 and a half year old would say. I said "Later Gator" and imagined you smiling down on me and saying "After while crocodile"

So later, gator save a dance for me in Heaven but make sure to save one for Miss Emma too. She will forever love you, just as we all will. I will miss you every day until then, and keep your pics close to Emma so she won't cry. I will always love you, my dearest son in law.



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