Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home and doing pretty well

Emma is doing pretty good since getting home on Thur night. She has had some pain but all and all it hasn't been too bad. They sent her home on a pain killer (Loratab) and something for spasms (Valium). Her casts only come up to the tops of her legs, not the whole waist like they first planned. That is because they did not mess with her hamstrings, just her hips. She looks great. My first reaction in recovery was to cry over how tall she looks! She is just beautiful. The casts will be on for 6 weeks. Daddy had to go buy her some dresses since shorts or pants won't go over her casts. Dresses are a new thing for her since with her old froggy hips she was unable to wear them, but we have together legs now! Posted above are some before and after shots of her legs, plus a cute one of me and Emma.

I will try to keep everyone updated, we have just been busy and there really hasn't been a lot to update. Keep Emma in your prayers and thank you for doing so up until this point.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Update on Emma

Update from Lori at around 11:00 CDT (fourty minutes ago or so)

Surgery is over for Emma and all went well. Around noon they should be done casting her (Purple cast!!) and then Lori/Darren and Donna/Brian can see her. It took about 3 1/2 hours to do the surgery part and well take about an hour to finish up the casting. They didn't lengthen or trim her handsprings because they didn't feel that would be beneficial for her.

Will update later after I have more info. Thank you to everyone praying for my beautiful niece Emma!

Emma's Aunt Lisa (Mimi)

Big day

Emma's surgery is set to start in a few hours. We leave here at 5am (about an hour away) to get to the hospital by 6am. Surgery should start around 7:15. It will take several hours but they say the stay should be just over night, maybe 2 nights at most if all goes well.

They will be clipping/lengthing her hamstrings, not sure which yet but they will figure it out once they are in there. Also be fixing the muscles that make her legs go OUT like they do, and clipping a "capsule" at the joint that will help her have more movement.

Everyone please pray all goes well and thank of Emma today, updates will follow I promise.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr visit, surgery is in a few days!!

Well Emma saw her lung doctor today and he gave us his okay for her surgery on her hips next week. He said its probably min. risk for her to be put under since she has pretty good lungs. Her breathing is more of a brain thing and since she will be vented for surgery all should be ok.

Donna and Brian leave to head this way tomorrow! I can't believe that on Friday the day after tomorrow I will be hugging my best friend again and seeing her with my little Emma. I am so excited.

We got supplies delievered today and things are almost ready for us to do the surgery and come home all prepared. Having that cast is going to be a big shock to us all and we will have to get used to it. But we will manage.

Good news is her doctor said she is doing so good she won't have to come back for 6 months!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Some exciting news...

Found out the other day that we are getting company for Emma's surgery. My friend Donna (Mommy to angel Daniel aka Homer, Emma's little boyfriend who passed away in April) and her husband Brian are driving all the way from MI to be with us for the surgery! I am so excited. They are leaving MI on the 14th so they can get here in time to play with Emma and love on her before her surgery. They plan on leaving to go home about the 23rd.

I am so excited for them to get to meet Emma for the very first time. I can't wait to see her getting kisses from Donna, who we have nicknamed Momma2, because we teased her that "Mother in Law" was a name for those no one liked, so she is Momma2. Emma and Daniel never met but had a very strong bond, and they brought Donna and Brian into our lives and for that I am truly thankful. They are family to us and always will be.

Emma had an appointment on Monday with her stomach doctor, who upsized her mickey button (feeding tube) because it was leaking just a touch. No big deal, take the old one out and put in a bigger size, it took all of 2 mins if that. They did it with Emma in her wheelchair and just leaned her back a bit so she didn't leak anything out on her stomach when they did the change. Emma didn't quite know what to make of doing a wheelie in her wheelchair!

All is going smoothly and just as planned for surgery on the 19th. Our next hurdle is her pulmo appointment (lung doctor) on the 13th. He has to clear her for surgery, I see no problem in that.

Thanks everyone for checking out our blog from time to time. I plan on updating often during the surgery time and if I don't I will get my sister Lisa to, so everyone knows how things are going.

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