Friday, February 26, 2010

As a dear friend pointed out, I should really update this blog! Sorry for the lack of writing but not much has been going on. Emma is doing the same as always...wonderful! She has just got over the little cold she has and is hoping that the snow that is falling today will melt really well so she can get pushed to church on Sunday. I think it will be fine to go on Sunday, most of the sidewalks are snow free. I will be so glad when winter is over.

Waiting on a call from one of Emma's doctors, wanted to get her in for some xrays. I have been noticing the curve in her spine she was getting is more curvy so I think its time to do something about it. Its very common for children in wheelchairs and who can't move around well to get scoliosis. We just want to make sure we keep it in check.

Here are a few recent photos of the girls and even one of me (in case my readers forgot what I look like)! None of Derek, he still runs when I pull the camera out or pop up the webcam. Also included is one of Emma's new doll. She got it for Christmas from Uncle Jay and Aunt Kim and I put a trach in its neck so it will look just like Emma, the dolls name is Ava.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Just a little update, not much going on around here. Sunday brought a return to church for Emma since all the snow had melted and her vent battery was replaced. 2 weeks ago I had her all ready to go out the door when we realized her vent battery was completely dead and broken! They replaced it quickly but she still missed.

Sunday also brought super bowl Sunday. We aren't big football fans in our house, unless its the OU Sooners, but Emma sat and watched most of the game while everyone else in the house did other things. Her eyes tell me it was a good game.

Emma is doing pretty good with her new brand and size of trach tube. She does seem to have quite a bit more secretions we have to suction out, but I am not sure if that is due to the tube itself, or the fact that brother and sister just got done having colds, so maybe she has some cold symptoms too.

Ella has been up sized out of her toddler bed and into a twin size bed. A move we really tried to wait until last min. to make since the girls share a room. Poor little Ella's legs finally got to big for her little "baby" bed and she got a real "big girl" bed. Their beds are in an L shape in their room, so we have some floor space left, its not as crowded as I feared it would be but its still a big change. Ella picked out a striped bedset that is really bright and she loves it. I told her she could have any one at walmart and she picked that over tinkerbell or barbie, what a big girl!

It is really cold here and we are longing for spring and park visits, Emma wants to wear her famous hippo croc shoes again and play outside. We had some snow yesterday but nothing stuck, thankfully.

That's the update, see I told you there wasn't too much going on around here.

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