Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We have a together legged girl!

Emma got her casts off yesterday. Its like miracle, it truly is. She has together legs! They still bend at the knee some, so they are not super straight but, they are together! She did not much care for the saw they used to cut them off, it made her cry and make really ugly faces. But she made it, and was so brave. When I picked her up to put her back in her chair when they were done, it was like I was holding a new child. I didn't know where to put my hands or how to support her, she was all umm...well she was diffrent!

Xray was nice, they gave her a beanie baby, she liked that. Everyone was so nice to us and despite the fact we spent 6 hours getting it all done if you count the bus ride, it was a very nice day.

Her new wheelchair is here too! They will bring it by the house tomorrow, perfect timing since the casts are gone. I will take pics when it gets here.

Thanks so much for all of your support during her surgery/recovery it has meant so much to us. The prayers were greatly appreciated, and they were answered by God, we have a straight legged girl! I can even make her knees touch now! And I put her in bed and looked at her and she had her legs crossed at the ankle, I think its the first time she has ever done that! Thank you so much Dr Davey!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Today could be the day

Leaving shortly to take Emma to her doctors to see if its time for these casts to come off. They said about 6 weeks, and 6 weeks is up tomorrow, so I am hoping the casts will come off. Send us good thoughts and prayers, I really want them off today so we can see what her little legs look like! All dry and scaley I am sure but straight I am hoping. I will bring the camera and get a few pics so check back later tonight for more updates!

Also please say a pray or two for our friend Val, he is having a similar hip surgery today. I know his mom is a nervous wreck. He is a great little boy and I have faith all will go well for him just like it did for us.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rough night...

At 5am this morning, I woke up to an unusual sound. Emma was crying! She has cried lots before but never woken me up crying, it isnt like her. Her cry is a gurgly, airy yell through her trach. I heard it over the baby monitor I keep on high right by my ear, but when I got to her room she was pretty darn loud without the monitor.

So I and suctioned her trach thinking that might help, but it didn't. Her heartrate was 170 which is very high for her. So I changed out her trach too just to make sure her air way was good. I took her "numbers" (temperture) and they were fine. Diaper was dry, no signs of anything rubbing her our making her mad. I sat with her and talked to her and made sure she could see her picture of Daniel, her angel but that didn't help either.

I am thinking her legs must have been hurting her so she got some valium and some motrin. She still has pain medicine but I thought the valium alone would help and some motrin. It seemed to do the trick, she is still out. She has been doing good for about a week with no meds but I guess she was having some spasms. Poor baby, it was so sad. I hate it when she cries, it breaks my heart.

So I think it will be bedrest today for her, too much moving around this weekend must have made her sore. She is sleeping anyway, when she wakes up we might put her on the couch to see tv for a while, but no going out and having any wild parties!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just wanted to share some cute pics of Emma. Derek insisted that Nanny take his picture with Emma. He is really warming up to Emma more now, talking to her more, hugging her, reading books to her, that kind of thing. He has always loved her, but its like lately he has found a new friend.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to my brother

Derek turned 7 today! He is a great big brother and we love him so very much! We made ice cream sundaes for dinner. They were sticky, and messy but very good. Emma even ate some in her mickey button! Above are some pictures. He got all kinds of toys, a martian maker, wall-e dancer, webkinz bat, tons of books, a bookmark, candy, and a spongebob DVD. Emma got him a notebook with Davey Jones from the pirate movies on it, he loves it, he calls it his journal. Ella got him a yoyo with a clutch in it since he has a hard time with regular yoyos

I can't belive he is already seven. He was almost born on 9-11. I went into labor sitting in line to get gas for the car at walmart. He was very stubborn and let me have 36 hours of labor, with an epidural that didn't work, and forceps to help get him out. He was a beautiful dark headed 7 lbs 7oz baby boy. His hair quickly turned blonde between his first Christmas and first Easter and Daddy now calls him a traitor. :-) He was a great baby, crying really only if he was hungry, and that was nothing a little breast feeding couldn't solve. He is a great son, and I am lucky to be his Mommy.

The kids uncle Kasey (Daddy's youngest step brother) got married today in Kansas and now they have another aunt named Amanda! That's two Aunt Amanda's I hope we don't get too confused! We really wish we could have gone up to the wedding, but we were there in spirit and hope the day went beautifully for them. Kasey is a wonderful guy, and we have not met Amanda yet but she must be pretty special, we have only heard good things.

Emma spent half the day up on the couch moving her head around, watching tv and spending time with her Bubba on his birthday. She is passed out cold in her bed now, it was a long day.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Beauitful poem for my beautiful girl

Found this online and had to share...

Wishes in the dark
by Lisa Esmond

Sometimes when she's sleeping
I can see in my mind's eye
the little girl I thought I had,
the one who said good-bye.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
hands folded by her cheek
I close my eyes and see before me
a child who can speak.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
she seems so whole and well
I can't believe she won't awaken
with dreams of which to tell.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
and the tears in my eyes overflow,
I steal what kisses I can in the dark
and wonder what joys she will know.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
and my eyes ache with tears unshed,
I pray she'll always be full of peace
as she slumbers in her bed.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
I can almost hear her say
"I love you, Mom, with my heart
and my soul, each and every day".

But always when she's sleeping
I am full of pride
at the miracle that is my daughter
and the perfection that is inside.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Twin sister gets a haircut

I had to share the pictures of Ella's haircut she got yesterday. She didn't want her picture made so she is pouting in all of them, and almost laughing at one. She was just acting silly. Thought readers might like to see how big twin sis is getting too!

Fun day!

Today we went down the street to Generations church. They were having an open house, at their brand new location. We have been wanting to start church there but haven't due to Emma's surgery and recovery. But today we braved it and went to the party, and tomorrow we plan on going to church there. They are really nice. I took pics above there and at home. Emma is wearing her new dress I got her at the thrift store, she is only able to wear dresses, and she just doesn't have many! This one comes down half way between her knee and ankle but it looks longer in some of the other pics.

They had a moon bounce and a big slide. Derek and Ella loved that. Emma liked the music. Ella won a door prize, a fairly good size die cast "slug bug" car. Its red and she loves it. When they called her name on the microphone Derek went and helped her get it. It was so cute, he was not jealous one bit, he just wanted to make sure his sister got up there for her prize.

We are tired now, long morning getting ready and a hot day. Its almost OU football game time. GO OU! Emma will be watching, right in front of the tv cheering for her team today.

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