Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update on Emma's friend

Just wanted to update everyone to let you know that Emma's friend Olivia the one fighting  hepatoblastoma  went to be with Jesus this morning. Emma cried real tears when I told her, something she rarely does until she is in physical pain. We love Livi so much and we just ask that you uplift her parents in prayer and her big brother. We find it such comfort that Livi is now CANCER FREE and without pain in Heaven, and that she left this world in the loving arms of her mom with her dad and brother by her side. 

Emma is doing ok, sad but ok. Tomorrow Derek and Ella start school and I will be taking full advantage of my alone time with Emma to give her extra hugs tomorrow. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

We just want to ask everyone to pray for Emma's friend Olivia. Olivia has stage 3 hepatoblastoma. She has had a rough last few weeks, and her parents were asked to get hospice involved in her care. She currently has an infection she is fighting and needs immediate prayers for that. But also needs prayers for her over all health, her medical test numbers are not where they should be and her liver is very large and becoming painful for her. She is a miracle, we love her so very much and she is such a fighter. We hate to even begin to think this could be the beginning of the end for Olivia, so we won't! We also ask for prayers for her mom, dad and brother as you can only imagine the toll it is taking on them. Thanks so much to our faithful readers and prayer friends. Attached is a photo of Emma wearing her button's she got for Livi.

I had Emma some pads made to go under her trachs, they prevent rubbing, dirty neck and help with small leaks. Yes you can use gauze but they aren't near as cute! I'll be buying mickey button pads soon, maybe in matching patterns but maybe something knew. They are washable and made with bamboo cotton, which I love. We got them from http://www.patchworkpeddler.com/

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14th 2012

Summer's almost over school starts in 9 days. Emma will be home schooled again but Derek will go to 5th grade and Ella 2nd in public school. Emma had a pretty good summer, although as of late its been spent inside just way too hot and dry out for her! We went to Greensburg KS to see family in July it was a nice trip. I thought I had posted pictures but apparently I did not, so I have included a bunch in this post. We went to the Big Well (worlds largest hand dug well) Museum and Emma got to see a huge space rock! A 1,000 pound Pallasite Meteorite one of the pics includes her by that. Also included are pics from around town, and of the memorial to those who died in the Greeensburg tornado, which I wrote about in this very blog. May 2007 an EF5 wiped the town pretty much off the map. Most importantly regarding the trip, she got to spend time with her Great Grandpa Donald Richards, who is a great man, and she got to see her Grandpa and Granpa Richards too and meet her twin cousin's for the first time. It was a fun trip, but so glad we don't vacation often it took a lot of packing and doing to go!

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