Thursday, May 24, 2007

PT today.

Emma has physical therapy with Amy today. She did a good job, she got sleepy about half way through but she was just working so hard. She is doing good with her head and is trying to sit up on her own some. Her balance is getting better I think.

They found some baby bunnies today on their property they were really tiny and so cute. I didn't count them but there were maybe 5 or 6. Emma liked looking at them. They are going to take good care of them, I guess the Mommy has run off. They were almost drowing in their little bunny hole with all the rain we are having.

Emma's therapist Amy is about 31 weeks pregnant now, she is as far along as I was when the girls were born. We are so happy for her. Amy is getting married June 2. They are having an outside wedding and it looks like rain so everyone please say a prayer that it will stay dry. Amy is a very special person to our family and she deserves a perfect day.

Emma has a pretty busy week next week, last day of school graduation for bubba, a renal ultrasound on Mommy's birthday on the 30th and then physical therapy again too. She is loving getting to go outside so much, she even liked the rain today!

I guess that is enough update for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Walk America 2007

Well our Walk was last weekend. We managed to raise a total of $355 for our team. We had a great time. The girls got medals during the preemie parade and everyone clapped for them. It was so sweet. Above are some pictures of our day and I also have attached 2 vidoes. One is just a slide show of pics, the other is a video of the girls and cousin Brandon getting their preemie awards.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers day and a few other things

That is me and my girls on mother's day. Derek was too busy to get in the picture, he hates having his picture made anyway.

I had a prety nice mother's day. Derek picked me out some flowers and bath wash stuff and Emma (thanks to help from Nanny) framed me a beautiful poem. I love it so much. It is hanging by pictures of her and Ella.

We will be going to our March of Dimes walk on Sat and I plan on getting some new pictures made, the ones my mom took yesterday did not come out that well, the walk pictures will be outside so they will look great I bet. I have met my goal on raising funds but my sis needs help still anyone that can please donate online at She is on my team and we are about $125 short of meeting our team goal right now.

Emma is doing great. She had a long day yesterday with Grandmother, Nanny and her off duty nurse coming to visit. She stayed up for a long time and she actually slept all night long. She sends her love to all of you.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's day

Just a quick stop in to wish all the Mom's out there a happy Mother's day. Emma's two grandma's are coming over today for a while and when Nanny is here she is going to take some pictures of our day, hopefully I will have them up for everyone to see tonight. Until then have a wonderful Mother's day!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In Memory of a beautiful town...

On Friday the 4th of May, a huge EF-5 Tornado wiped out the town that Emma's Great Grandpa lives in. He walked away with out a scratch. Above is a pic of him given Emma some love and attention at her birthday party. We thank God Grandpa is ok. We spent many sleepless hours on Friday trying to get a hold of anyone in Kansas and searching the internet for information.

But at about 5am, 7 hours after the tornado hit, we got word he was ok. He had gone to the hospital to seek shelter, parts of the hospital did collapse and it was badly damaged. He is now staying with Emma's grandpa in a nearby town. Emma
s Great Grandpa is one of my most favorite people. He is so loving and sweet and just an all around good guy. I can't express how wonderful he is. Usually when I tell people about him I tell him he is the nicest man I have ever met. My grandparents have all passed away but even though we are related by marriage only I still call him Grandpa and think of him and love him like he was truly my own. He lost his wife when I was pregnant with the girls, and she was an amazing person too. Emma has her middle name. Louise.

The entire town of Greensburg is damaged severely or just plain gone. We ask that all our blog friend say a special prayer for the town. It was such a beautiful town and it is made up of some of the finest people in the entire world.

As of today 10 people have died. They did manage to pull 2 people out of a church alive yesterday. False reports came in about a survivor the night before though.

I urge all of you to not only go look the tornado info up online, but to also just look up Greensburg in general and see pictures of how beautiful it used to be. I hate seeing it on the news now, I did ok not crying too much except when we didn't know if Grandpa was ok. But then yesterday I cried knowing that Emma and Ella will never be able to go to Greensburg. Well not the old Greensburg anyway. The one their dad played at the park in, went swimming in, and basically ran around causing trouble in as a child. No letting them see Grandpa's house, the store he worked in, or the big well that was its claim to fame. I know they will rebuild but it won't be the same.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Dr Visit today

Emma went to see Dr Wright today, he is the one who does her botox. He is going to try her on a medicine to see if we can reduce her drooling, we actually have to get a call into them again, because the prescription they gave me can't be filled the way its written.

He also said that he is going to do botox in her hips again and in her finger flexers so hopefully we can get those hands to open up! YOOPIE! I really hope that works, it will be nice to see Emma more relaxed, she always looks like she is ready to get into a fight with her fists all tight like that. We go in on June 18 for the botox.

We also talked to the nuerologist (brain doctor) because Emma is starting to do her little jerks again. They are called myoclonic jerks or spasms, they are not seizures but are quick little "Startle like" jumps. We go see Dr Parke for that on Thur afternoon, after physical therapy. I am shocked they got us in so quickly, we got an emergency appointment, I am sure all they will do is up her Zonegran pills, those have been a cure for the jerks in the past.

That is all to update for now, I will write more when I have more news to share.

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