Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Pictures from Mommy's birthday. Daddy with Derek and Ella having a fit, Emma, Daddy and Ella (still having a fit) and Mommy and Ella (still crying) I don't know why Ella and Derek were such cry babies. I think they wanted to play more than they wanted to have their pictures made.

May 30, Mommy turned 30 and Emma had a tiny bit of cake on her lips to taste it, she didn't like it. I think she is the only girl in the world who hates chocolate. Emma required oxygen through part of the night not sure why. No fever, she was alert and happy. Guess she was just being stubborn. She seems fine now. Her Nanny and Poppy came to visit and bring me a birthday present (which I loved!) and she got to "play" with them. Took a few pictures and thought I would post some here.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Emma has spent today in "quiet reflection" (sleeping) in her chair. Her Great Grand dad and his wife stopped by for a visit today, they live in Grandbury Tx. Emma slept through the visit, only opening her eyes as they went out the front door to leave. I helped her wave bye bye. She looks very pretty today in her pink shirt and purple pants. She was up in her chair all day and is back in bed for a little bit. I plan to get her up again in a while. She spent last night watching the nascar race with me. Her favorite driver didn't win but her brother's favorite did. I imagine Emma was pretty upset by this. She was really gunky in her chest last night and needed lots of suctioning, and the same goes for today. I hope she isn't getting sick again. She seems ok other than the suctioning, I guess the humidty could have something to do with that since it is so hot here. Tomorrow is my birthday and I think she is going to help her brother and sister make me a cake. Despite her diet I will probably sneak a tiny tiny piece (crumb) of cake down her mickey button so she can say she had some cake with the rest of us.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Emma's Physical Therapy May 25

Emma's therapist Amy Morris with another client. I stole this picture from the JD McCarty website! I need to take some of Emma and Amy together. She loves Amy.

Emma did so good at her physcial therapy. She actually stayed awake through most of it, she usually goes to sleep. Her therapist Amy is wonderful. She sat on a big swing and held Emma and just started swinging away. It was the first time Emma had ever been on a swing and she did so great. She loved it and it put her to sleep! Despite the vent and all the cords going to her, she is finally starting to do something other kids do, swing! She looked so beautiful. Amy is still tyring to get a sample of a collar for Emma to wear to help her look more forward and not lean to her right side so much. She hopes to have it in next week. I hope so. Thats about it for this little update.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Many of you have asked me what Emma looked like when she was born. So I thought I would post some pictures from my album. Also just had to post her picture with her "Poppy" (Grandpa) its one of my all time fave pictures of her and I am not even sure why! I just love it!
She sure was little way back when.

JD McCarty Center Norman OK

JD McCarty Center Norman OK

Maria Greenfield head of OT

I thought I would post some pictures of where Emma get's her physical therapy, occupational therapy and were she sees Dr. Davey for ortho. Maria Greenfield is who made Emma's hand splints and does her OT.

Saw the Ortho Doctor

We saw Dr. Davey today at the JD McCarty center here in Norman. He looked over Emma's muslces and her bones. He said she is just much to stiff for him to manage and is sending her to another doctor that is in Bethany OK. His name is Dr Wright and we can't get in to see him until Aug 1. He will discuss options of medication or possible surgery to fix some of Emma's contractors and over all stiffness. I can't wait to get her seen so we can turn her into a "losey goosey' and move her much better.

Dr Davey also told me to dicuss medication that helps stop drooling with Emma's ped. Apparently there are a few that might help with all her bubbles and drooling. They usually have side effects like dry mouth and digestion problems. So we will see what he wants to do, they are closed for lunch right now or I would be on the phone asking about it.

Emma sat outside while we waited for the medical van to pick us up and take us home. We had some shade and a good breeze. She liked it, we sang songs and watched all the birds fly by. I think her favorite was this little orange-red bird we saw. She sure had fun being outside.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Walk America 2006

Yesterday Emma and Ella as well as myself and my twin sister took part in Walk America for the March of Dimes. Our team so creatively named "Double Trouble" raised $304 dollars. Emma went and it was her first big outing. Despite the 100 degree heat she stayed cool in the shade and had a fun time. She likes getting attention! Boy did she ever get a bunch. They announced the girls names on stage and they got to walk across and get clapped for. They walked over a small bridge in the park called the "Bridge of Miracles" and I almost cried when I realized people were standing and cheering for them and the other preemies. What a great day.

Hospital Trip UGH!! May 1st

Sorry I have not posted earlier on this topic, as I just really didn't know what I wanted to say about Emma's trip to the hospital. In the evening hours of May 1 Emma started having labored breathing. She is normally on no oxygen and I had to crank her up to 4 liters to get her to stay about he oxygen saturation the doctors wants her at (92). For those of you who don't know about oxygen and what not, 4 liters is a bunch for Emma. She usually gets about a half liter when she is sick and that is it. I called her doctor and he said that it would be a good idea to get a chest x-ray. We rode by ambulance (the easiest way to transport her) to Norman Regional hospital. They started an iv in her little forehead and did an xray. They discovered she had pneumonia. They started antibiotics and shipped us off to Children's hospital in Oklahoma City.

At Children's she continued on the antibiotics through her iv and she required no oxygen her entire stay! What a good girl. We stayed until the afternoon of May 4 and she was sent home on antibiotics I could put through her mickey button. (oral antibiotics)

She is now doing great, a few fevers here and there a week or so ago but doing much better. We went to her regular doctor and he said things look fine. She sees her monologist in early June.She was weighted at her doctor's visit and is now up to 27 lbs 14 oz despite the reduction in her feeding routine. Her nutritionist says we will continue to watch her over the next month or so to see if she evens out and if not make some small adjustments

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