Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov 13, 2009

Parent Teacher conference for Derek and Ella was this morning. Overall, things went well. Apparently I have 2 smart kids, well mannaered, but one is kind of messy, that would be Derek. He gets that from me, I was the same way as a kid. I was hoping my ability to keep house neat as a grown up and suchwould rub off on him, but apparently not.

Since Emma doesn't go to school, I had a confrence with myself. It went something like this. TeacherMe--Emma is doing well with her stretching MommyMe--That is great to hear! TeacherMe--yes but she is so tight on that right side in her arm and her knees need work MommyMe--Oh ok I will work on that, since you guys only work an hour or hour and half a day, I am sure I can find time in my super busy schedule to work in more time. HA HA.

Actually, to update Emma is doing very well, she does tend to stay pretty tight with her right arm, and her knees, but her hips are still doing great since surgery. She learned a new skill, sometimes but not all of the time, when I am kissing her cheek she will turn her head and point her mouth at me and kiss me back, she doesn't puker up just sticks her mouth by mine. Its slobbery and icky wet but its a very great kiss, one of the best kisses ever. She still doesn't make a lot of purposeful movement on her own, and that is one thing she does do so its excites me a great deal. Of course when I want to have her show someone like Nanny or Mimi she won't do it! But dad has seen it, and if I ask really nicely she will usually do it, I will try to make video of it. She spends her days watching tv, listening to music, or having Mommy move her around and read to her. I just got her a new book at the book fair from school, its called "Emma's Very Busy Week" it looks cute.

So no big update, but wanted to post something so I could attach some new pictures of Emma, and a few of Ella I took and love. They are both growing so big, I can't believe they are 5!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Random pics

Some random pics as of late. Emma on her birthday sleeping, the cake Ella made them, Ella and Emma at the school play ground, and finally my new fave pic of Ella. She is holding cousin Killian and made him go to sleep, what a little Momma. Don't forget to see the pics bigger all you have to do is click one!

Finally an update and Halloween pics

Please forgive my neglect of the blog recently. Not much in the blogging mood, too busy enjoying life, which has been very good to us recently. Emma is doing fabulous. No sicky icky germs as of yet, even though a few weeks ago the entire house was sick. All the kids have had the seasonal flu shots as well as the first dose of the h1n1 vaccine. No tears at all either time for any of my 3 big kids, I was so proud.

We are greatly looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, if plans go right Emma's Aunt Adam will be in town to visit. He as you know is in the Army and is stationed in Arizona right now, but will be making a trip to Afghanistan early next year as it stands right now, this after just getting back from Iraq earlier this year.

We love fall time anyway, will be looking to change the blog layout soon, so that we look more fall like.

Halloween went well. We went to Fall Fest at our wonderful church. Derek was a skeleton, Ella dressed up like Hannah Montana/Rock star and Emma wore a cute little pair of pumpkin pants and a shirt with a little girl witch on it that said "too cute to scare" it was cute. We got lots of candy, got to have fun and see our friends, and learn about Jesus.

I will be posting another post shortly with some random pics of the kids. My laptop was not working very well the last month or so, but thanks to Darren it is now, and I can post pics again!

God Bless all our dear friends, we hope fall is bringing good things to you and yours.

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