Friday, July 27, 2007

Doctor visit today

A few days ago Emma broke out with little boils on her shoulder and the back of her little head. She skipped physical therapy yesterday, since we were not sue what it was, we didn't want to pass it along to someone.We had to make a trip to the doctor today to have them check her out

First of all she weights 29 lbs now, which means she is really not gaining weight at all now, I guess that is good since they don't want her putting too much on too quickly.

She has a simple skin infection, nothing serious. They gave me some bactroban cream for it, which is an antibacterial medicine. They also gave me some more eye drops since her eyes were matting again.

I am glad about one thing today, they gave me something new to try for her eczema. Its the first time they said "eczema" when talking about her face and shoulders and I was so excited, they normally tell me its just dry skin. They gave us elidel cream. I hope it works for her. Some people say its great, but I hear mixed reviews. It does say on the sheet that comes with it that "long term safety of this medicine is unknown, rares cases of cancer....blah blah." Cancer! That is freaky, but I am sure we won't have to use it forever and ever. It will be nice to get her face all pretty and not all ready and flaky and icky.

We had a fun trip on the bus, Emma slept the entire time, and at the doctor, and all the way home. She is over eating and of course now that we are home she is wide awake. Little stinker.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Just an update and some pics

Emma at Ella's potty party, sleeping with her sunglasses on

Ella and Emma's Nurse DeLene, DeLene is very special to our family

Ella's big girl cake

Mommy and Daddy

Ella looking pretty

Our family, Derek did NOT want to be in this picture he is camera shy

Mommy and Daddy again

Not much to update really, all is going wonderfully. I just wanted to post some pics of the family. Emma's hands continue to stay open and much more loose than before. Its truly a miracle. We prayed hard for a miracle and God has answered. I just can't stop kissing her sweet OPEN baby hands.

Emma's physical therapist Amy is on bedrest so we will be seeing Lucy on Thursday for therapy. Amy assures me that Lucy is very good at what she does. We will miss Amy though, her blood pressure was high so the doctor said to stay in bed until her baby boy comes. Only 19 more days or so until her due date, and I think by the end of this week he will be here. We are so excited for her but will miss her so much while she is on maternity leave. She is very caring and sweet towards Emma, I know she is going to make a great mom. Everyone say a prayer for her that all goes well with her delivery. She is very dear to our family.

Emma's twin sister Ella had her potty party the other day, she is offically potty trained now! I am so excited about that. Emma just slept through the whole party, I guess potty stuff just doesn't excite her very much.

Last night while our nurse was here she wiped Emma's nose and Emma just screamed at her, I don't think she wanted her face wiped. I think its funny that she is getting such an attitude. She kept putting her foot up on her teddy bear to sleep last night, we would move it and a few mins later we would look and she would have her leg propped back up there on that bear. She just wanted to get comfy I guess.

Well that is it for now, not a big exciting update but I figured I better post something, I am really trying to post but its hard when there isn't much going on to talk about.

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