Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009

Things have been busy recently so I have not had a chance to update. All good things happening so no worries.

Yesterday Emma got her last 3 immunizations. She did well, only cried 2 little tears. Ella went with us and she held Emma's little fisted hand and told her not to be scared, it was so cute. Afterwards we went to the dollar tree, where Emma got a stuffed doggie for her bravery and Ella got candy for her kindness to her sister.

We went to church this last sunday, it was the first time in I don't know how long. No rain and it wasn't hot so we went. It was nice to get back, and I am hoping we continue to go. But with swine flu being a big scare I am really trying to keep Emma away from crowds, so we will see. Swine flu, what a topic. It really gets me worried. Most of the children who have died from it have under lying problems like lung issues or neurological problems. Sounds a bit like Emma doesn't it? So of course that makes me worry for her. I know that Ella and Derek's teachers are doing all they can to keep the kids well, they have hand gel to use and have been teaching how to cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm and not all over your hands or out in the air. I am still iffy on the shots, I worry they might not be safe. But we will all be getting our regular flu shot on Oct 15.

Derek has joined cubscouts. He is going to the Wichita Moutains for a hike this weekend. I wish we were going with him, but Darren has to work. They will be going to the top of Mt Scott (you can google that if you aren't from OK) which is something I did when I was around Derek's age. I spent quite a bit of time down in that area, since we grew up down there and its a beautiful place. I hope he has fun.

That's the update for now. I am going to work on the blog some, I have been wanting to make a page for some time, where you can click and just get a short summary of Emma's life and what her issues are and read about how awesome she is. That way new people to the blog don't have to read all the old posts to catch up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayers for a friend

To protect my friend's privacy I will not share who they are or give details (I don't even have details so please don't ask!), but I found something out this morning that I can not let go, it is weighting so heavily on my heart. I have to ask that everyone prays for this family. Their daughter is disabled, and this last week she was sexually assaulted. As you can imagine they are so very upset, scared, lost, and hurting for their daughter. Please pray that God will help them during painful time. They are wonderful friends to Emma and myself and to know they are hurting, well its just so heartbreaking.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 11th

Anyone that knows me in person, knows that this Momma has a very soft spot for Patriot Day. Long story short, I have always been proud of my country, but 9-11-01 was a very scary day for me, never in my life up until that point have I ever been so scared or prayed so hard for people I had never even met. So scared in fact it sent me into labor with Derek, who was stubborn and spent the next 36 hours taking his time!

Remember today is not about buildings burning or planes crashing. Its not about hate and war and getting even. Its about remembering those who lost their lives. 2,966 people died that day, to many of us that is just some number we hear and remember seeing the day unfold on tv. But to 2,966 families it is the day they lost an important person in their lives. Its not just a number. It is life. Life lost due to something that I personally will never be able to forget. I still cry to this day, thinking of how I wept and cried and begged God to save people, to save all of us, to save the world. It felt like Armageddon to me that day, and 36 hours later my son came into this world and like an angel sent straight from heaven, filled my world with goodness again. Let us pray that those 2,966 families can find goodness again. Let us never forget what we lost that day.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Help someone on 9/9/09

Please help our friends raise money for Cystic Fibrosis! Nathan is looking for 99 people to donate $9 each since today is 9/9/09. If you can help please do, and tell your friends! http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/2009/09/9.html There is a link to his blog post it will tell you how you can help! You will have to copy and paste it, for some reason blogger will not allow me to post it as a clickable link (I still need to figure out why!?)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sept 2 2009

Derek and Ella are still home from school. Doing better today, so far. Praying that holds through for the rest of the day. Still coughing but no fever yet since last night so hopefully that means school tomorrow. They are mad that I have them laying down all day. I even rented them a movie and they still find ways to complain. If they don't go back to school tomorrow, I promise I will go in their place!!

Emma's not sick so far, and I ask that prayers be said that remains true. I can't imagine her having what they have. They have been miserable. Fever is so rough on emma too. But so far so good, we have tried to keep Derek and Ella off of her and out of her face and I have used a whole can of lysol spray and we wash our hands like crazy.

Above are the praying mantis pics I promised. We found her a while back, the kids named her Gummy bear. She is getting to big for the container I have for her, so hopefully today or tomorrow I can get her something a bit more comfortable to live in.

I have been having fun with my new camera and hopefully will be posting more photos for you all to see, I got some great ones of Ella the other day, just need some of Emma to post along with them.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sept 1 2009

Sorry its been so long since we updated. We have been busy! Our dear friend Celeste got married August 16 and Ella was the flower girl, Mommy was a bridesmaid. Celeste is the daughter of my best friend Shevaun who died of lung cancer March 1 2005. It was a beautiful wedding, although very hot, since the air didn't seem to work in the room they were married in at the state capitol.

Ella and Derek have started school. We are keeping Emma home to avoid germs, and its so nice to have alone time with her in the morning, for physical therapy and playing.I guess you could say she is homeschooled, although not in a typcial ABC and 123 kind of way, since she doesn't learn like that. Ella is in pre-k and only goes half day. Derek is in 2nd and goes all day of course.

Currently Ella and Derek are sick with nasty colds and fever. Ella has missed two days of school and Derek one so far. We are hoping they can go back tomorrow but they both sprung fevers again this afternoon so we will see.

We were donated a camera by a new friend so more pictures to come. Its a very nice camera, a Pentax x70 for those who know cameras. I am forever grateful to him for sending it. Right now my laptop is acting up and its our primary computer for picture storage, so it might be a bit until I get it up and running, maybe I can talk Darren into letting me put stuff on his.

Prayers go out to our friends the Lockwoods and the people in the areas around them. Hurricane Jimena is heading there way and will no doubt bring great flooding to their area.

I did attach 2 pics of Ella as Celeste's flower girl. They are pictures someone else took and I kind of "borrowed" them from their facebook page.

I will update again soon, have some pics of our new pet. Another praying mantis! Remember our two last year? This year we got ours as a very young mantis and it has motled for us a few times. Her name is Gummy Bear.

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