Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emma's big scare

wanted to blog last night but just didn't have the energy to do it. Wanted to fill everyone in on a big scare Emma gave us.

Yesterday afternoon her pulse ox machine went off, that is the machine that measures her oxygen saturation. It was only at 90 which isn't that low but I thought, ok well suction her trach. Which I did and she dropped into the 80's after I was done, so I did the next thing I was suppoosed to do and that is to change her trach out and put a clean one in. We were having to bag her by hand because her vent was pretty much useless at that point, I had Derek bag her while I got the new trach ready and she dropped into the 60's. Changed trach out, bagged her and she dropped into the 40's. Now mind you all the time she was a very ugly shade of bright purple and had her mouth gapping open and trying to catch her breath, it was so sad. I called 911. I bagged her pretty fast and got her in the upper 60s very low 70's while waiting on 911 They came and got her more stable and took her to the hospital by ambulance while I had to wait at home for Dad to get here and a ride to the hospital. It was maybe 30 mins but it was the longest 30 mins ever!

They gave her breathing treatments and watched her. Suctioned her more there and got a bit of a "plug" (hard mucus) so they said that is what had caused her to do what she did. She left the hospital after a few hours, on no oxygen and doing perfectly. She slept pretty much through the whole thing and woke up about 10 last night after being home for about an hour. She is resting now and I expect she will most of the day.

It was scary, the first real scare she has had since being on her vent. Before when she would have issues I always thought "Its ok when 911 gets her to the hospital they will just put her on a vent and it will help her" but now when something goes wrong its like a vent is no help.

So everyone please keep her in your prayers that she doesn't give us anymore scares like that. We have turned her vent heater way up to help give her more moisture and then are just watching her very carefully. Things should be just fine, but I think I will be very on edge for a while.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just some pics

Not much to say, life is going good. Emma is doing well. Thought I would post some pictures, some are from the fourth of July the others are just snapshots I took this last week.

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