Thursday, November 15, 2007

Family Doctor Day

Emma, Ella and Derek went to the doctor for check ups today. What a busy day, and Mommy is very tired. Daddy is too. It took 2 hours at the actual doctors office, to wait, be seen, get shots, and leave. Plus the hour ride on the bus there and back.

Everyone got shots. The girls got Hep A and flu shots and Derek had to get his chicken pox booster and the flu shot. Emma went first and as always did not cry, she just made an ugly face and jumped a litte. Next came Ella. Guess what? She didn't cry either! First time ever she didn't make a sound during a shot, she didn't even say OUCH! I was so proud I almost cried. Derek went last and he cried. Just a little, but his shots were in his arm the girls got leg shots, so I am sure arm shots just hurt more. He did pretty good and only cried for a few seconds.

The big news of the day is that Emma is no longer the big twin. She is the little twin! Ella finally caught up with her. Emma is 27 lbs 3 oz (she has lost weight, will get the nutrionalist to help look at that) and Ella is 28 lbs 12 oz. They measured Emma in parts since we can't get her straight in the legs and she is 34 inches, Ella is 38.5 inches tall. My little Ella is getting to be so big! Derek is 4 foot 3/4 inch tall and 57 lbs, very tall and very big for his age, in case you wondered.

Emma's doctor gave her some new medicine to try on the rash on her arm, we thought was eczema. He called it something else and I forgot what it was, but the important thing is we got new meds to try. Its called Lachydrin 12%. We will still use the elidel on her face, this stuff is just too harsh for the face, and we are pretty sure it is eczema on her face anyway.

He refered me to an eye doctor for her icky eyes, which looked horrible today, and I am happy they did so he could see them at their worse. He also told me about a dentist to get her seen at. Its just that time, plus she only has like 6 teeth and they are really icky because she drools all over them and the enamel is bad.

All in all it was a good but very long day. Emma brought her Homer Simpson doll with her and hugged it super tight right before her shot. She liked playing I am a little teapot while we waited. Only problem is she has two handles, not a handle and a spout, her arms are always in the "handle' position! LOL. I stretched her good and we made a handle. Then we did patty cake. She loves that one too.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Here is an update for everyone. Emma went to thearpy today. She did pretty good. She really worked on sitting up with some help and even lifted her head up staight a few times. I was very proud of her. I told her she looked like her sissy Ella when she set up like that.

Amy pointed out to me today that Emma is getting a slight curve to her spine, which is very common in kids like Emma who aren't really active and spend a lot of time in chairs and beds. Its still not a GOOD thing though. We will keep an eye on it, its pretty slight right now and we will bring it to her doctors attention and see what he wants to do about it, probably noting for now but just to watch it. Later on if it gets worse (which those things tend to do) we can brace her or possible do surgery. Having a big curve in your spine can actually be really bad, and put pressure on your lungs and it can be very serious if not deadly. But were aren't there yet so don't worry. We have lots of options if it starts getting worse.

We are working on getting her a brace for her hips because her legs are so frogged legged that she can barely fit in her bed anymore and getting her in clothes or in the bathtub is a nightmare. We won't see Amy in 2 weeks because of thanksgiving but when we do go back we will get the ball rolling. She has great range compared to what she used to have, you can really move her legs much better, thank God for that because it is a bit easier to dress her than it used to be. But her hips are weak and they don't want to stay together. Hopefully a brace will help.

Gosh I can't believe its almost Thanksgiving! We are also going to do some splints/braces for her ankles. Her right one tends to make her foot stick out at an angle, and the left one is fairly weak too so I hope we can get something to work for that.

It is a very pretty day outside and Emma liked the sunshine on her face. She sucked on a red dum dum lollipop today at therapy, well she didn't really suck but she tasted. I put it in her mouth and left it sticking out and one of the ladies at therapy said "Kids arent supposed to walk around with those in their mouth" and I told her "Well Emma isn't walking she is rolling! Besides she can't choke like most kids she has a trach!"

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