Friday, March 16, 2007

Great pic drawn for Emma by her favorite girl cousin

Emma's cousin Liz drew her the best picture ever. Elizabeth is 12 and is a great little artist. Emma adores her. Emma is doing fine just wanting to share her pic, please leave comments on it, Elizabeth reads the blog and I want her to know how great she is.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 13 Update

Just a little update, not much to say. Emma is feeling and doing fine. She is doing ok with her new hand splints she got at thearpy but she keeps getting out of them, the little stinker! Yesterday was our puppy Violet's birthday but we are having a "party" for her tonight.

We are planning on moving into a house soon. In the next month I hope. We are currently looking, we want to get Emma a bigger space and we for sure how to get Ella and Derek their own rooms since they drive each other nuts and are getting older and need their space. Ella tears up the bedroom and then Derek cries.

The other night Ella choked on a piece to a toy. She is ok, she never turned blue but was really scared and making funny noises. The hemilich and baby hemilich did not work on her but Dad managed to pull it out with his fingers (a last resort) so I urge all of you readers to watch out for the small things, even toys you think are safe aren't. This was part of a wind up toy they got at the doctors office of all places. Also brush up on your choking safety skills. We were very lucky we knew what to do.

Emma is still not sleeping very much at night, she slept 3 hours last night and is wide awake now, I bet she will be sleeping in the next hour or so and will sleep all day. We have made attempts to help keep her awake during the day and sleeping at night but she just wants to be a night owl like her dadddy I guess.

We lost some of our nursing so we are back down to 3 nights a week again. Very tiring on Mommy but Emma sleeps better those nights because I can turn all the lights out. We are just having issues with the nursing company getting us nurses that work out or can stay. DeLene is our only nurse now, and for those of you who have met her than you know what a blessing she is.

Hope everyone is well and that we have some good house hunting news to update you with soon. Have a wonderful week!

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