Friday, January 26, 2007

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Emma did well yesterday at therapy. Her therapist Amy is still so amazed at how well Emma's legs are doing since the botox. Shhh don't tell Amy but Emma and I have been working her legs lots and lots just to surprise her. Actually Emma has been doing all the hard work, Mommy just helps. She had a great work out yesterday.

She had hand splint made to keep her hands open, it took longer than they thought so we get the other hand done next week. Maria made her hand splints, Emma likes her but decided to roll her eyes at her a few times think she was thinking 'Come on already lady where are my splints!" it was cute.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our friend Joel has gone to Heaven

A few posts back I told everyone to check out Joel's blog at Well Sweet little Joel passed away this afternoon. He was a fighter and was a sweet little angel from what I had read. It makes us remember our online friend Oliva that died this summer. It just seems to unfair that another innocent child has been lost, but I know God's will was done and that we should not question the Lord. Please continue to pray for Joel's family. They will need strength in the days to come

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Here a sick kid, there a sick kid, everywhere a sick kid!

Emma is feeling better today, she has managed to stay yucky diaper free all last night and today. She is resting now and has been sleeping a lot but seems much happier today.
Ella is still feeling yucky too but is improving, she has a little cough and is sleepy but she is also jumping all over the house so I guess that means she is better.
Poor little Derek. He is still pretty sick. We took him to the doctor today because on top of the tummy thing he has a cough and his ear hurt. He has a double ear infection. Yes, that is 3 since September that he has had, for those of you keeping track. They called in some good medicine for him so hopefully he will be up and running soon. He missed 3 days of school last week, and Monday was a holiday. The school was closed for ice today and I am hoping it will be tomorrow too so we don't have to call him in again. He wants to go back to school bad, but I want to make sure he is better, the schools rules say you have to take your antibiotics for 24 hours first so we will see.
I am tired, on top of all this Emma's nurse DeLene has the stomach bug and was gone last night and will be sick tonight too, no replacement is available. We have no nurses on Wed night so I guess I will be on the couch 2 more nights. How fun is that?
I will keep everyone updated as to how our little squirts are doing.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas Photos

Derek showing off his card
from Nanny and Poppy

Emma at the JD McCarty Center

Poppy and Ella

Daddy and Mommy

My new favorite picture

of Emma

Ella and an "OH HO" her word

for snowman.

Emma Ella and Derek

with the cards they got

Prayers for a friend

There is a family who really needs prayers. Everyone please check out their blog. His name is Joel and he is 3 and is so adorable. He is at Children's hospital in Oklahoma City. His story is amazing and he is in desperate need so everyone please pray for our "friend" Joel.

Long awaited update..

Sorry I haven't written in a while but we have been busy with life. Christmas went really well. Emma got lots of presents from Santa because she was a very good girl this year. Her favorite thing is her fish aquarium toy that lights up and sings that her Grandmother gave her. She loves to watch it, and will "cry" in her Emma squeaky language if she wants it turned on again when it stops.

Derek and Ella have both had the stomach bug for a week or so off and on. Derek missed 3 days of school last week. Ella is very grumpy and she has learned that when you throw up you have to put your head in the trash can Mommy has waiting. She does ok with it.

Last night Emma's nurse said Emma had diarrhea 2 times last night (I hope that is not to much information!) so I am hoping she isn't getting sick. She has no fever and is acting ok so maybe its just a fluke thing. Its not uncommon for her to occasionally get diarrhea.

We had an ice storm come in over the weekend. Its very cold and I don't think its is supposed to warm above freezing until Thur or Friday. We have therapy with Amy on Thur so I guess we will have to bundle up good.

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