Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reduction in Nursing

I just got off the phone with Emma's lung doctor's office. They have agreed to reduce our nursing care from 6 to 3 nights a week. Now a lot of you know the trouble I have had with nursing, from sleeping nurses, to the one that went outside while she should have been working! I have one nurse now DeLene, the one we have always got along with, she is a wonderful nurse. On the 4 nights a week we get off I am going to sleep on a fold out bed next to Emma, which is pretty much what I have been doing all along anyway. We have been down to 3 days about 50% of the last 2 years anyway.

I am happy though because it means the nurses that would be at my house those other 3 nights (if they found me a replacement) can go to other houses where they are needed more. There is such a lack of nursing and some people can't even bring their kids home because of it. It always bugged me we had such more nursing and such little need for it. DeLene is wonderful don't get me wrong, but she only changes diapers, starts food and on occasion suctions Emma. That is way less than an hour she is working the whole 12 she is here! The other times we just hang out and she plays with Emma, Derek and Ella or watches tv. Still I am glad we have her those 3 days to give me a break.

So I am hoping this ends some of the red tape and hassle with the nursing company, since they don't have to actively search to fill days for me any more.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Emma got a haircut!


Another before


Smoosh face

Yes, its offical she is a big girl. Yesterday, I cut Emma's hair for the very first time ever! Its not too bad. She didn't mind at all and it looks way better. Her hair was so many diffrent lengths and she had kind of a mullet style before, it looks pretty now. Its cut a lot like Ella's except Emma does not have bangs, I left them long and pushed back. The pics don't show too much front but taking them from behind was best for the point to get across. Let me know what you think!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another update

Last night Emma and the rest of the family went to visit brother's new school. He will be in Kindergarten starting Monday the 20th of August. Emma slept through the entire thing! She rode on the bus there and we walked home, she woke up only when she heard the train we stopped to watch at the train track close to our house. She likes trains I think.

She is doing well. She went to therapy yesterdy and her therapist Lucy made her sleepy too. I think its the heat, she likes to sleep when its hot. Lucy has taken over for Amy for a while because Amy had her little boy not too long ago, his name is Huck and he looks adorable.

Emma is getting a haircut this weekend. I will be posting before and after pictures hopefully on Monday or Tuesday. We are cutting it at home. Its pretty long, and she has never had it cut before but its kind of broken in the back and a bunch of diffrent lengths since she lays or sits on it all the time.

Emma's friend Kara is sick and in the hospital so Emma asks everyone to say a little prayer for her. Not much else to update so until next time thanks for reading and thanks for loving Emma.

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