Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emma and I are using this blog to urgently request prayers for our friend Tricia. She is facing rejection of her donated lungs. You can read more about her here at their blog (read the story at the top for background)  The words I need , to express the urgency of prayer we are asking for, they escape me at the moment, so I just ask please read their blog, prayer hard and ask God to heal her!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I haven't been updating as much as I should. Especially since Emma was in the hospital in April for treatment of what we thought were seizures but turned out they were spasms. It was just easier to update at facebook and make calls. I get burned out sometimes on updates I think. She was put on a new medication, which seems to have helped some. Other than that minor hiccup she is doing great. Enjoying the summer.

Hoping to take a trip to KS to visit family this summer. It will be Emma's first vacation. Ella's too I guess since they are twins ha ha. July 4th is the plan if all goes ok. Having family drive to get us since we still do not own a car, hoping to one day get a wheelchair van so we dont have to get Emma in and out of her wheelchair and pull her vent and other machines off of it. Riding the bus in town is easy since she can stay in her chair like that. Just had to get her a new car seat for the trip. its pink and its sweet. She is still so tiny. 7 years old and 28 lbs and only 36 inches tall. Her not standing and walking just keeps her little I guess. Still wearing a size 6 infant shoe and its big on her! My little bitty bumblebee.

So I will try as always to update as much as I can, I know I always promise that. But this time, I mean it. I promise *crosses fingers behind her back* LOL

Oh I attached a picture of my tattoo I got with tax return money, its a cerebral palsy awareness tattoo for Miss Emma, and my cousin's son Jarret who also has CP as well as many of our other brave little friends. Love to them all.

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