Monday, December 10, 2012

Emma went to her lung doctor today. Doing good. Made a few changes to her vent because she has grown a little bit. We dont have to go back for 6 more months. While we were there Emma got to see all the beautiful Christmas tree's. She is so excited about the holiday season, as are brother and sister. I can't believe its only 14 days until Christmas! We had warm weather last week, we had on shorts! But today was cold, didn't even get out of the 30's for highs. We put up our tree last night and Emma's purple tree we have had up since the day after thanksgiving. Its an angel tree, it has ornaments with all her angel friends and family names on it. Its beautiful. I'll get some pictures soon. Meanwhile, here is the pretty tree Emma fell in love with today.

Also quick prayer request. We are asking everyone to pray for our friend Tricia. She was on the list to get another pair of donated lungs do to her becoming ill and rejecting the ones she got a few years ago, she got sick and they had to take her off the list. Thur she goes back to the dr and they are praying they put her back on the list to get new lungs. Please join us in prayer that they place her on the list and that her wait isn't too long. You can learn more about her at :

Contact us via email at: