Sunday, June 19, 2011


Its been a miserable 2 days. Our ac broke yesterday and it will be tomorrow before its repaired at the earliest. Emma has her very own fan pointed right at her and I have been cooling her down with cloths frozen in the freezer. She is doing fine but the rest of us..yuck! She lost another tooth last night!! The tooth fairy brought her a golden dollar. Tomorrow her Uncle Adam is coming to town, he recently returned from being overseas for the army. Can't wait to see him!

Today we are just hanging out trying to stay cold and watching netflix. No big plans for fathers day, just having fun being together.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh Ella wanted me to share her new pink glasses and short hair cut with everyone. We got it cut about the middle of May I guess. Here she is. 2 pics of her in her pool too that I loved. She sure gets jealous if I don't share her on the blog too!

Survived one heck of a hailstorm here in Norman last night. Can't say the same for my memorial garden for Emma's boyfriend Daniel, or my pepper plants. They are all messed up. The angel I had in Daniel's garden lost her wings, and the flowers may be a total loss. We had just under ping pong ball size hail that came down for about half an hour and 80mph winds. We lost a section of fence, but have tied it up until they can come repair it. It was ankle deep through out the yard and drifts of over a foot. Its 430 the next day, almost 24 hours later and I still have drifts in my flower bed! Lots of damage all over town. Walmart lost skylights, tons of power poles down, windows out and signs down all over town, roof damage to homes. But we managed to end up pretty good more or less, had to get the kids away from windows quickly. It was so loud I thought the roof was going to give!

Not much else to update. Emma is enjoying the summer, Derek and Ella too! Here is a pic of Emma I took not long ago.

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