Friday, December 07, 2007


Emma went to therapy yesterday. They fitted her for some ankle/leg splints She has been having issues with one of her ankles kind of turning out a little bit. Plus in her stander she isn't able to put weight on them without them pretty much collapsing. I hope these splints help. They are going to be pretty. Purple and pink with flowers on them. These brand of splints are the prettiest I have seen. They should probably be there not the next time we go but the time after that, he said about 3 to 4 weeks and we got back in 4.

Emma also did her reg. workout with Amy and did good as always. She ate a lollipop and got all sticky.

We put up our Christmas tree, its very pretty. I think Emma likes the candy canes on it, they are plastic but look like they are made of glass. She must think they are real, she loves sucking on real ones. Ok so she doesn't really suck on them but she does taste them in her mouth.

We lost power for an hour the other night, it was very interesting being in the dark and trying to find the vent battery and get it all plugged in. We are expecting a big ice storm on Sunday and Monday, I hope we don't lose power from that, it could be days if we do. In that case we have to call and get Emma put into the hospital, unless of course we can find a friend or family who has power. Good thing is my Mom and Sister live spread out of town so chances are someone will have power. I am consider buying an indoor generator, its like a big battery really, but they dont last forever either and they are expensive.

I guess that is the update for today. Not much to talk about really, but I am trying to make a point of keeping this blog updated, I know many of you including family get your news from here.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some More Christmas Pics

Here are some more pics I had to put up just so Grandpa and Grandma could see. They called today and its was so nice to hear from them. They are doing great, some times it stinks they live in KS I know the kids miss them so much and Dad and I do too!
I am not just saying this because I know they will read this, but they have been very wonderful to us, and have been very supportive of all our choices with Emma and that has meant a lot to us. My husband's dad is a great guy and his wife is a real sweetheart.

PS No my hair is not red or brown, it used to be but its back to really blonde now, my mom's camera just changed the color, funking lighting I guess!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Emma saw Santa

Tonight we went to the JD McCarty Center where Emma gets her PT. They had a big party for Christmas and all the kids went and had so much fun. Ella didn't much like Santa. Emma didn't seem to care at all about Santa. She did like the Christmas Music and tried to sing along. It was cute. She loved seeing all her friends, that place is just awesome and they really go all out on Christmas. Here are a few pics.




Oh and one more thing. Emma and Ella both got their ears pierced this weekend. Ella has pink earrings and Emma's are diamonds. Neither girl cried or even said OUCH! I was so proud and they look so pretty

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