Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Build a bear

The kids build a bears. I forgot to share the other day. Emma's is named Olivia Inez, its the black one with stars on it. She named her after her friend Livi that died in Aug from cancer. Ella's is the rainbow OU cheerleader one named Amy Junior for some reason. Derek's is camo bear with OU tshirt his name is Gregory. We had fun at the mall but my foot got sore. The day before I was in the ER and diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Walking was not on my to do list, but we had to spend the day having fun. Cousin Elizabeth got Emma a bunch of new pretty earrings and Ella some legos. We ate Chick Fil A for lunch, and a big cookie from Mrs Fields for desert.


Happy Birthday Emma and Ella! 8 years old. You sure have grown fast.

Today they were on the Freedom 43 local news. I made a really bad copy using webcam pointing at the tv, they shared the above picture, the audio is the important part anyway. Thought I would share. http://youtu.be/MFH8WVo6U-s that is the link to see it on youtube.  *edit I just realized the new background has links in a really light color, just hover over the blank spot before "that is the link to see..." and it will kind of show up for you to click. Sorry need to do some editing in the template/code.

Monday, October 08, 2012


Can you believe Emma and Ella will be 8 on the 16th? It just seems like yesterday they were tiny little furry monkey looking babies in the NICU.

Have a big week planned. Its fall break Wed-Fri. On Thur we are going to Build a Bear in Oklahoma City. We are taking Emma and Ella's cousin Elizabeth with us, she is 17 and is excited to make a bear too, I can't make fun of her though, I am 36 and can't wait! I am lucky I was able to do some surveys and things online and get $125 in gift cards FREE! Oh I love free stuff. Might also eat at the cheesecake factory so we can get some birthday cheesecake.

Then Friday if the rain holds out for an hour or so we are going to get flu shots. Emma always does great with flu shots. Actually all the kiddos do. Derek just got his tetanus booster and was so brave.

Halloween is coming soon, not sure what Emma is going to be, probably a princess. Its so hard to get her something, she can't do hats very well in her wheelchair or anything with wings on the costume. Ella wants to be a vampire, no idea what Derek wants to be. Something scary I am sure.

Today Derek and Ella had to wear coats to school, it was only 35 this morning. Derek needed a new coat and I didn't know it, so he had to borrow mine, but that is ok, its a man's coat anyway. Think we need to shop soon. Emma is all cozy and still asleep this morning, wrapped up in her dreamsicle blanket. Oh not sure I posted what that looks like she got it from a group called lovequilts. I am sharing a pic so you can see how beautiful it is. It reminds me of Shevaun, my dear friend who died of cancer when Emma and Ella were a few months old, she used to collect those angels. Ella is named after Shevaun so she is always trying to steal Emma's blankie LOL.

Well that is the update for today, I'll need to go wake sleepy head girl up in a bit and tame her bedhead. Have a great day our wonderful friends!

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