Sunday, November 19, 2006

So far so good

Emma is still pain free and happy over her botox! I have not noticed any major change yet but havent done her streching yet today, so we will see in a while what is going on with her. I honestly dont know why some people make sure a big deal about botox. Emma has had no pain, no issues, no crying at all. I guess it is just diffrent for everyone.

Ella is coming home today from her Nanny's. She calls Nanny "Jean" and she says "football" she fed some goats the other day and called them "Puppy!" she thinks anything furry is a dog. Emma is excited to get her sister home.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Emma did pretty today with her botox. They started an iv to give her the sleepy medicine before hand, and they had told me the nasal drug would work. But they tried the iv and missed in her hand and it swelled up. Then tried her foot and got a good vein. She slept good and woke up with a few small holes poked him her back from the needles but other than that seems pretty normal. She is sleeping now, and is still a little loopie from her medicine. We arent really supposed to do any heavy stretching today but in a few days hope to see good results! WAY TO GO EMMA!! I was so proud of her today

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More shots!!???

Botox time. Tomorrow morning Emma will get her first round in her abductors and her hamstrings. I pray all goes well. She isnt very nervous but Mommy sure is. I really hope we see the results we are praying for. She really needs it to work so we can get her hips in and and get her weight bearing and get her to walk eventually with any luck! They will do it on her arms later. Please think of Emma tomorrow. I will update when we get home.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Flu shot time

Emma, Ella and Derek all got checkups and flu shots yesterday. Emma and Ella also got the Hep A shots. They all did wonderfully only crying for a few seconds, except Emma who didn't cry at all. She is my brave girl.

Here is the info on how big all 3 kids are in case you are wondering.

Derek is 48 lbs and 46 1/2 inches tall
Emma is 28 lbs and 32 inches tall
Ella is 23 lbs and 36 inches tall

The doctor said all looks good for Emma. Gave her a new cream to try on her face called Hylira, not sure if we are going to have it covered by insurance but they think that it is.

Emma also went to phyiscal therapy yesterday. They gave her new dinasplints for her legs. We are hoping that after next weeks botox shots she will really respond well to the splint use. She does ok with it now but botox is sure to help.

Thats all the update for now. Love to everyone

Sunday, November 05, 2006

You give me fever....

Emma had a fever last night of 102. Poor kiddo. She isnt acting all that sick anymore but apparently she still is. Our night nurse woke me up and I gave her something for it and she went back to sleep and cooled down.

I hope she gets well soon. They are going to attempt to give all the kids flu shots on the 9th IF the shots are in and if Emma is running a fever they won't give her hers.

The rash on her face she has had for months is looking better. I have been putting lots and lots of oil of olay on it. I am almost 100% its eczema. I will ask the doctor about it on the 9th.

Thanks for checking our blog, I will update again soon

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Icky Sicky Germs

Emma missed Physical Therapy today. She has the sick germ we have all been fighting with for the last two weeks or so. We have all had colds. Ella and Emma both had fever this morning. So far Emma is only a bit more gunky nothing too bad and has the fever. She has only needed oxygen for a few mins here and there and not any in the last 2 days. I am hoping she doesnt end up sicker and have to go to the hospital. I am sure she will be fine though.

Halloween went well. The kids got lots of candy! They want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I am always hiding the box. Derek was superman. Ella was a pretty devil and Emma went as an angel. We went out to about 2 blocks and ended up coming home becasue it was so cold. Emma slept though the whole thing! We didnt want to stay out too long since the girls were feeling icky and we all had runny noses!

That is the quick update for now, I will keep you up to date on how we are all feeling.

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