Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A little update

Emma has been off and on sick for a week or so but I think she is finally well. Now Ella has a fever and has been a huge grump. It was 102.2 when I checked early but its down now thanks to some motrin.

Emma has become great friends with her little boyfriend Danielthat we met on myspace. He send her presents today. His mom also made sure to send something to Derek and Ella too. The kids just thought it was Christmas when the UPS man showed up at the door. This new family we have made friends with have been a real God sent. Its nice to talk to someone who is going through and has been through a lot of the things we have. Plus its just nice to be able to chat with someone. Sometimes I get kind of bored hanging around watching kids all day.

Emma's stye is gone and her eye looks all pretty again. We went to therapy last week and Emma enjoyed seeing Amy again. We will see her again on Thur of this week and we are glad. Emma likes to get her work out and her cuddles from Amy.

Thank you all for sticking by and reading the blog here, I know that I don't update very often but sometimes that just means that life is moving along with no big issues to update on and that is a good thing.
God Bless all of you.

Something beautiful

Something so beautiful I just had to share with all our blog readers...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some new pics of Emma


Sorry I have not updated in so long, there hasn't been too much to talk about really. Emma has a slight cold today and fever, she is doing ok though, nothing major to talk about. She now has a total of 6 teeth! All still on the bottom but she is working on number 7 also on the bottom.

She has a boyfriend now. We met him on myspace. His name is Daniel and he has CP like Emma. He has a trach but no vent but looks just like Emma! He sent her a braclet for Valentines day and it says Daniels loves Emma on it, its adorable. His mom has been so sweet to me and has become a great friend, its great to met someone who knows about the things I am going through. His only downfall? Well he lives all the way in Michigan! Oh and he is 5 years old, so I guess Emma loves older men.

Emma got her very first stye in her eye, its almost gone now though. She reminded me of cousin Elizabeth when she got it, Elizabeth always used to get them. I have some new pics of Emma, I will post them in just a little while have to go tuck all the kiddos in bed!

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