Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20, 2010

Ella has been a very busy girl lately. She went a few night ago to the ER with an ear infection. Its funny having her in there and not Emma for a change. She was really brave. She is doing better now, though she still coughs a bunch at night.

And the best news to share...Ella's wiggly tooth finally come out this morning! No more being jealous of Emma. This is Ella's 2nd tooth to lose and and she is excited about the tooth fairy coming.

It is the first day of spring, and despite 70 deg. temps yesterday we woke up to snow and wind. We have maybe 2 inches of snow so far and are supposed to get 4 to 8. This sure has been on crazy year for snow. Hoping tomorrow we can get out and make a snowman. Looks like just Mom for church tomorrow, no way Emma's wheelchair will go in the snow, and I don't want Ella and Derek all wet and icky when we get there. Hopefully they will still have church, and not cancel on us.

That is all for now. Emma is doing great, just hanging out with her brother and sister, enjoying the end of spring break and watching the snowfall from a nice warm house.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The toothfairy is coming! YOOPIE!

Emma is getting another tooth fairy visit tonight! 6 total, as you remember back on May 25, 2008 she lost 5 in one day! Her tongue pushes on her teeth so they get super lose. This one feel out when I was brushing her with a mouth swab. She didn't even notice.

Ella is kind of mad, she has had a "wiggler" for about a month, and its still not out. Of course she doesn't like to wiggle it much either.

Not much else going on. Up coming dr visit on March 18. Its for nutrition clinic to follow up since they changed her food during the whole ulcer problem. I think it will be fine, and we will have her weighted I imagine so it will be good to see how much she has grown since Christmas time.

I went to a women's retreat for Church over night last night, and let me tell you, Mommy needed that! It was a nice break but I sure missed Emma, Ella and Derek.

God Bless for now, time to go tuck this tooth safely under Emma's pillow.

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