Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prayers for Daniel

" Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted" Matthew 5:4

I will be traveling to Michigan on Thur and returning late friday. Will be going to Daniel's services. Its just me going, I so wish I could take Emma with me. But it is just way too hard to fly with her vent and all her equipment.

I have been thinking so much about him, and greiving so much. He was not my little boy, but I felt almost just as close. He meant so much to our family. He was just like Emma in almost every single way.

Emma leans her head to her right, and Homer liked his left. I always said when they met they could stare at each other all they wanted. God made them for each other.

Its hard to believe he is gone. That one little 6 year old by touched more lives that most adults do in a whole lifetime. I know I am a better person just for knowing him. He has taught me so much about life and love and happiness. He was such a fighter and I hope one day I can be half as strong as he was.

Everyone keep their family in your thoughts. They mean so much to us and I know that prayers are needed for their broken hearts.

Monday, April 28, 2008

In Loving Memory of Daniel

I got a call this morning from Michigan. Emma's little boyfriend Daniel passed away in his sleep last night. His grandma called and told us the news. We are very upset. It was so hard for me to tell Emma the news. She took it as good as any 3 year old could take it. I think she is finding peace knowing he is watching over her, and that is no longer sick. He is with God now dancing and playing and one day we will all have a party in Heaven.

Please everyone pray for his family. I love his Mother dearly and I can't imagine the pain she must be feeling right now. Pray she finds the strength to endure the hardships of the next few days with the funeral and all and pray that she finds the strength to go on without her sweet baby angel.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on Emma's owie foot

Update on Emma's little footsie. She is doing better. I guess the drugs are kicking in, and all those prayers from our friends. She is still having some slight fever but her leg is way less red than it was before. She has been such a trooper through it all, what a strong little girl I have. Here are updated pictures, I took them with the flash since its only 6am right now, no real natural light in here. I would say in real life the redness is about a shade darker than it appears in the pictures. That's ok though, its still MUCH better than it was a few days ago.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prayers needed

Yesterday Emma woke up with an infection in her foot, by the time we got to the doctor at 3, it has moved up to right below her knee in the front. There was nothing we could culture. We are thinking it possibly happened when her pulse ox probe turned her toenail to mush, like it always does even though we move it around all the time to other spots. We recently went from having 4 probes a month to 2 thanks to medicad and I just wonder if they are so dirty they made her sick?

Doctor says its either strep (which he thinks it is) or staph. He gave her a shot of the antibiotic rocephin, in case it was strep and amoxicillin to start today if its strep. Also has her on bactrim to cover it if is staph.

We have to watch it, if it gets worse we have to take her to Children's hopital to have iv antibiotics. We are really hoping to avoid this. Keep us in your thoughts.

Here are some pics of it this morning, it has spread a tiny bit outside the pen lines we drew, but it did that yesterday in the dr office and also a tiny bit right after her shot. Its been the same all night, and this morning its a shade lighter red, with her toe and spot on her shin turning back to pink/white. The pics not too great, if I used the flash it drowned everything out, without the flash was a bit dark so I had to edit it and add some contrast and light and its still not quite right but you get the idea of how sad her little leg looks.
Also put up some pics of her in the van lift bus coming home from the dr and some on the dr table while awaiting her shot.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rain Rain go away

Just a note for our out of town friends, in case you see Oklahoma flooding on the news. We did ok last night, lots of rain in Norman but nothing too bad. We are all fine. It rained all night long, and so much thunder. I am not sure how much rain we got but I know last night at dinner we had 1.5 inches and that was just during daytime, it got worse last night.

Emma got a bath last night and was really mad at me for putting foot scrub on her dry little feet. I used the new scrub this morning and I can see why. It tickles! All the little pumice stones make your toes tickle. Her foot are much softer though, but boy she yelled at me about it.

Thanks for all those who have sent concern emails over the storms last night. We appreciate you thinking of us. I thought for a while last night it might be time to start building an arc.

The sun is out and its a beautiful day today

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Twin sister pics

Ok so I know this is supposed to be Emma's blog, but her family is such a big part of who she is. I thought I might share some pics of her twin sister Ella. It is so hard to believe they are identical twins, they don't look that much alike. That's ok, I never wanted twins that looked alike, I had enough of that growing up! :-)

Monday, April 07, 2008

My poor patio door

Had to make a quick post to share this picture with everyone. Today the mowers at our apartments flung a rock into my sliding glass door. I took some pics and thought they looked neat so wanted to share. A glass company should be by to fix it this afternoon,its only the outer pane of glass thank God. It made huge thud and crack and I think it scared Ella. Thank God Emma was in bed sleeping still, or it would have scared her, she sits by the door all the time.

Emma went to the medieval fair!

This past saturday Emma went to the medieval fair with all of us. She slept through the whole thing! She wore her sunglasses and I kept having to pull them up and check to see if she was awake. Everytime I looked she was snoozing. She got a little bit of a sunburn on her face despite the 4 times I put SPF 50 coppertone on her. It doesn't seem to be bothering her any. The girls got little crowns made from Christmas Garland and Derek got a Jester hat. We had lots of fun. We ran into lots of friends we had not seen in ages. Plus friend Poppy work with, who have never met the girls. It was nice running into them and I am glad they got to see my precious baby girls.

I have enclosed some pics of our fun filled day.

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