Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update Dec. 21, 2006

Emma went to therapy today. She well. It was nice for her to get to see Amy before Christmas. Emma got to see all the decorations out at the JD McCarty center again, she really liked that. I think she likes all the Christmas trees the best or the big Santa Claus out front.

We also got the base to her carseat delievered today. Actual its more than a car seat, its a "positioning system". So with this base it turns it into a chair with wheels she can sit in, inside the house. I haven't put her in it yet, want to wait until either the nurse is here or Dad is here to help me the first time, have to figure where to put her vent and what not. It will probably go on the new cart she has that holds her things.

Merry Christmas everyone. Please try to check back often, I plan on posting a few more times before Christmas since brother is out of school and we will be up to a lot with Emma.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Therapy today

Emma did pretty good today at therapy. Her Nanny and Poppy came and took lots of pictures, including pictures of her chair that Mommy decorated (you cant tell but the lights on her chair were lit up!) She had a spell when she wanted to use oxygen for a while but about half way through therapy decided enough was enough with the oxygen and started to breath better. Nothing to worry about, she is acting very healthy.

Amy think the botox worked great, she was very impressed with the way Emma's legs and hips were working. So that is a load off, I wasnt sure if it had been a success or not, but Amy's input is greatly appreciated and respected.

I am posting a slide show with music of the pictures we took today. I hope you like them. Thanks to Nanny and Poppy for taking them! I really think her Poppy was happy to get out there finally and see how great the center is and how great Emma does. Nanny was glad to have a repeat visit out there.

God Bless you all, I will have more updates very soon.

Special Message for Emma's Therapist Amy

Emma wants to put out a special message for her physical therapist Amy! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!! Amy will be married June 2 if all goes as planned. Her ring is so pretty and Emma sure was eyeing the sparkles it made. Congratulations Amy, you deserve much happiness.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Somethning new to update!

Sorry I havent updated in so long, things have been kind of busy with the holidays. But guess what??? Emma has learned something new! When she is sitting/laying on the couch she has started to lift her head up and look around! She can get her head up about 2 inches or so off the couch. She loves being down at Ella's level and near the tv. She is a sweetie. I am so happy that she is working her head so well!

She has been such a good girl this year I bet she will get so many presents from Santa. We have missed PT due to a few things the last 4 weeks or so but go back to see Amy on Thur. Emma has missed her so much.

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