Monday, February 18, 2008

Feb 17, 2008

Emma is still fighting hard to get over being sick. Just when I think she gets better she will want to use oxygen for an hour or two or spike a small fever. Silly girl is keeping me on my toes.

We have now dropped all night nursing and are trying the day nursing thing. We will get a nurse from 8am to 8pm 3 days a week. That way when we find a house to rent Emma and Ella can share a room and we don't have to worry about a nurse being in the room with them. We had a really nice lady come out last week and I thought she was going to work out, but I guess she decided to go back to her other pateints house. So we are meeting another nurse tomorrow afternoon to see if she might be a good fit.

Our old nurse DeLene doesn't work for the company anymore, but we still talk almost every day, she came down last week to visit too. The kids liked that, they all missed her so much. I think maybe Ella missed her most of all though. She was so excited to see "Lene".

Last week Emma and the rest of us went to her brother's school for his first school program. They sang lots of little kid love songs like "you are my sunshine" and "skinnamrink" it was really sweet. I had tears in my eyes, and was so very proud of him on stage, he was the tallest one of all 4 kindgergarten classes so he was easy to spot. He has an ear infection AGAIN and Friday the doctor said he was 49.5 inches tall and 61 pounds. Seems like just yesterday he was my little baby boy and I was holding him in my arms nursing him. Soon he will be bigger than me.

We are currently searching for a house to rent, close to where we are now, since its close to work and school. We are not having the best of luck but we are still trying. I ask everyone to think happy thoughts so we can find a place soon and get into a bigger space. I think the walls are starting to close in on me here! :-)

Thanks for reading and following Emma's blog. It means so much to us that all of you do.

Friday, February 08, 2008

A new feeding pump for Emma

First I want to say thank you to all our friends who prayed for Emma when she was sick. She is much better. Her rash is gone and she has not had to use oxygen since early Tue morning. She isnt quite as high on her oxygen saturations as she used to be prior to being sick, but she is well within range of where she needs to be before we have to turn oxygen on. I think in a few days she will be all the way back to normal.

Now on to some more news. We have been trying to get feeding bags for Emma's pump for a few days now. For those of you who have no experience that is the plastic bag that goes to her pump, that holds her milk. Well, they told me today the would no longer be making her bags or her pump! So we got a new one sent to us today, its like Christmas time! We have a new gadget to play with.

Its very nice and much smaller than our last one. Its about 4.5 x 5 x1.5 inches, about the size of a larger digital camera. I posted a pic above for you to see. I just have to play with it and get used to it but its much prettier than our old one. It was nice to see the guys that brought it down, they had been bringing Emma oxgyen when she was sick so we kind of got to know them. I know they were glad to see Emma well.

As for nursing, well our company has fired our good nurse who was on medical leave. They want to introduce us to a new nurse that can only work 2 not the 3 days a week we need on Monday. Well on Tue we see our pulmo doctor and I think I am going to beg him to drop our nursing care. We aren't able to get what we need anyway. We have had 4 nights in two months, life is easier with out it, Emma requires almost no night care what so ever, so it makes no sense to have some one here doing nothing. Plus when we move I plan on putting the girls into a room together and it would be easier if we had no nurse. Yes, we plan on finding a house and moving by April 1. I will be so happy!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Again this year our family will be walking in a walk to help benefit the march of dimes. This year they have changed the name to March for Babies.

We will be walking in honor of Emma and Ella. They were born Oct 16, 2004, 9 weeks before their due date. They were tiny, 15 inches each and only 3 and 3.6 lbs.

This walk is very near and dear to me and I hope to raise even more money than my previous walks Any donation amount is appreciated. Thank you so much!

I am also walking in memory of my nephew Gabriel who was born sleeping. He made his very sad, but nonetheless grand entrance and exit to this world June 9, 2004. He is forever missed.

Please consider a small donation, and also pass the link on to all your friends. Prayers for a good fundraising and turn out for the walk are also greatly appreciated.

The March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

You can donate at

Sorry you will have to most likely copy and paste the link, I can't get the code to work correctly on this layout.

Contact us via email at: