Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quick update

Hello everyone sorry I haven't updated since Emma has been sick but summer time has been keeping us busy.

Emma's infection is all gone. Thankfully! I really wish we could keep her from geting these dumb old things but apparently people who don't move around a lot and have poor circulation can just get it from time to time.

All is well, not much to talk about. Just counting down the days until we get our hips fixed! Dreading the cast Emma will be in. Things as simple as a diaper change will become a chore. We are trying to plan out things as early as possible, and get things prepared. School starts the day after her surgery so getting Derek off to first grade might be rough for the first few days but we will manage.

I have appointments set up in early Aug. so Emma can visit all her doctors and be in tip top shape for her surgery. We are seeing the tummy doctor, the lung doctor and hopefully her normal doctor too. That way we run into no surprises.

Tonight Daddy is going to be home from dinner, his normal shift is 1pm to 10pm so he misses dinner but Sat is a day shift for him. We are making bison burgers and reg. hamburgers. Not sure the kids will like bison. Not much else planned just hopefully a quite evening at home.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thanks be to God Emma is getting better!

Well all the prayer are working, Emma's infection is getting better. I was touch and go in my mind of a while, I guess I just don't have the patients to wait for my little girl to get better. But the last two days it looks much better and no more fever.

Daddy works tomorrow on Father's day but is off on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is boy's day. Daddy and Derek and a friend are going to the movies and then on Tue the whole clan is going to the Sam Noble Musuem to see dinosaur bones. Emma has never been, I hope she stays awake for it. Never fails something good is going on and she thinks its nap time. I will take lots of pictures.

Prayers go out to someone online we had been praying for her name is Marissa, she went to be with Jesus last night. She was almost 3 years old an had stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. We have never spoken to her family but have really prayed hard for her, we ask that everyone please remember her family in your prayers.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dad's reading. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Emma sick again

We took Emma to the doctor on Monday. She has cellulitis in her leg again. This time its in the upper portion of her leg instead of the lower part. I was going to take some pictures but it goes a little bit on her little bottom and I figured that was kind of private to post on the internet! :-)

Her doctor wanted her admitted to Children's hospital for tests and drugs so he sent us over to Norman's ER first so we could get tests started and transportation to the city. Well we got to Norman and they didn't feel she needed to go to Children's to be admitted. They sent us home with two antibiotics.

So far there is only slight improvement but the good news its its not worse. They told me it could be 3 or so days before we noticed much change. You just have to give the drugs time to work. I have very little patience for that. She isn't in any pain but she does get a fever and sleep a lot and I hate seeing her that way. I just want my big girl to feel better.

So prayers for Emma, if you please. We appreciate all the prayers we can get. We really want this infection to clear up soon so we can enjoy the summer before her hip surgery on Aug 19.

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