Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I know this blog has kind of fallen off the map in the last few months, but really there hasn't been much to update. Plus we just got busy living life! I figured since today is the 7th anniversary of Emma's trach surgery I should get on here and at least mention it.

All is going great here, Emma's doing wonderful, everyone in the house has had the stomach flu twice in the last month, except Emma, she just keeps amazing us all with how healthy she is. We put up her little Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and just put our big one up the other day. I don't have pictures of our big one yet, but am sharing Emma's little tree. You might remember it from when she had her ulcer and almost missed Christmas by being in the hospital. Nanny brought it to her. This year we switched out ornaments and she got a butterfly topper for it! We also made a picture frame of some of the kids we know that are no longer with us, that way we can remember them. There are so many others sadly, that we could have included. Please pray for the families that have lost their little ones. Christmas is always a hard time.

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