Thursday, April 26, 2007

Therapy and such

Emma did very well today at physical therapy. Amy has informed us that since Emma is doing so well she would like to cut our visits back to every other week. We will miss Amy but it will be nice not to have to drag her out there and get her around so many germs every week. If it doesn't work out we can always go back to weekly trips. The JD McCarty center is just such an awesome place and we love it.

Speaking of Amy I havent mentioned this before because I didn't want to ruin any suprise or jinx her but she is having a baby! A litle boy and she is due in July. I am just so thrilled for her, she will be such a good Mommy. She takes such good care of Emma for me. She hasnt spilled the beans on her son's name yet so we will just have to wait until July. CONGRATS AMY!!

We are still house hunting and hope to move in June if not before then, but I am thinking June. I am going to Dallas June 1-3 with my sister and leaving Emma with Daddy and brother and sister. I need a vacation. Its my first ever! :-) I will make sure to take pictures, as I know many of you will want to see them.

Emma is doing wonderfully and we appreciate everyone's prayers and good thoughts. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another quick update

Just an update, not much to talk about. Our computer was done for a few weeks so I didn't get to write. Sorry.

Emma is doing about the same. We have a chance of tornados today and I am running around like mad trying to get ready for them. Getting supplies packed and what not. The last weekend in March we were put in a surprise tornado warning and I was not prepared to seek shelter, we made it but it was chaos. Today I want to be ready. All of you from tornado alley know that its probably not a big deal but its better to be prepared.

I added a map to Emmas page go sign your name to it and it will show everyone's location. Our goal is to get someone saying prayers or thinking of Emma in all 50 states and throughout the world. So pass it on to friends if you would like. Its at the bottom of this page and will remain there for a while or click here:

Contact us via email at: