Sunday, April 07, 2013

Just a quick update to tell everyone Emma's medi monster has a name. It is Plankie. We called Ella who as at Nanny's hose to help us with a name, she suggested Plankton because the one on Spongebob only has one eye like the little monster does. We thought maybe something more cute and girly would be better so Plankie it is.

All is good today, storms possible in the next few days, even a chance of tornadoes so we are packing medical equipment in an emergency bag in case we have to go for cover in the next few days. Bike helmets and shoes all lined up and waiting for us back in our back bathroom as well. Praying we don't see anything too bad, after the tornado on the ground in Norman that missed us last year, we try to be pretty prepared just in case, that one sure caught us off guard.

Wishing everyone a very happy Sunday.


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